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Zarazma Award

Zarazma Award

Date : 2/1/2018\ Source:Zarazma's Public Relation Dept\ Visit Count : 636
Every year on July 01 on the day named for the industry and mining, Mining and Industry appointees are introduced in this day every year, and government appreciated of the selective company in services and activities in last year, this year’s event was held by the attendance of President Dr. Rouhani, Minester of the industry and minning Mr. Nematzadeh, chairman of the president’s office Dr. Nahavandian.

The president Rouhani said who the Industrial and mining activities in the harsh conditions of the sanctions would help to government, and serve the country, they deserve sincere thanks to all known and the improved current conditions, it will support by governments.

After the president Rouhani's speech, the chosen industry and mining sections were honored by President with donating National sign of Mining and Industry day, Zarazma’s managing director Mr. Mehdi Shakoorian due to his meritorious services in the past year in field of mine as the selective unit was appreciated.

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